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Bespoke Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen


Storage space is essential in a kitchen. At Bear and Woods, we go a much further than is possible with a fitted kitchen and design storage space that suits your needs. At our initial design consultation, we focus on the way that you would like to use your kitchen and take this into account when looking at storage features. If you are looking for a kitchen that is designed with your lifestyle in mind, that is constructed from the highest quality materials and that maximises the utility of your space, your journey starts here…

Creative Storage Solutions


Our kitchen cupboard interiors are manufactured from scratch and water-resistant MFC. We believe it is the best product for interiors. Because everything in a Bear and Woods kitchen is hand-built, your cupboards will precisely fit the dimensions of your kitchen.

hinged cupboard


Shelving units are the perfect place to display your vintage cookbooks and large storage jars. We can install traditional shelving units or more contemporary ‘floating’ shelves.

floating shelves


If you want ready access to your kitchen knives, your herbs and spices or a selection of fine wines: a rack is the perfect solution. We will thoroughly plan the placement of each kitchen element. You don’t want a knife rack within reach of small children or a wine rack near a source of heat.

wine rack


As with all appliances, we can easily incorporate your current refrigerator into the design of your new kitchen. Alternatively, you could take this opportunity to upgrade.

wine cooler


A kitchen that is in use is going to generate waste, but in a well-designed kitchen that waste won’t be on display. Bins for general waste, food waste and recyclable materials can be discretely placed so that you are not tripping over a cardboard box full of empty tin cans or smelling a caddy of fermenting vegetable peelings when you are trying to cook.

If you would like to arrange a free design consultation, please get in touch. We can discuss precisely how you would like to use your kitchen and you can fill us in on its quirks and characteristics, so that we can include all that in the design. Give us a call on 01603 905145 or drop us an email to info@bearandwoods.co.uk

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