Could Your Home Be the Backdrop for a Celebrity Fashion Shoot?

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There are many ways to earn a living. Increasingly, people are seeing their homes not just as a place to live, but as an asset that, marketed correctly, can earn them a few quid. The rise of Air B&B – the website that facilitates renting out your spare bedroom to tourists – is one manifestation of this trend. The high value of off-street parking in city centres is another. Renting out your home as a backdrop for film and fashion shoots is not as well known, but can be very lucrative. 

Money Talks

The amount of money you receive for allowing models, celebrities and a photography crew into your home for the day varies. According to an article on the BBC website, a small fashion shoot could net you £350 a day. A feature film passing through your kitchen and living room could pay up to £3000 a day! 

Location Library

The first step in marketing your property in this way is to register it with an agency such as Location Works. Your property will then be part of their ‘location library’ that can be searched by location managers and producers looking for the appropriate spot for their film shoot. Properties with large rooms are popular, as filming can mean cramming in many members of the crew in addition to those who are in front of the camera.

Unique and Period Features 

Producers are often looking for properties that have unique or period features. So much so, that in London, some people are deliberately redecorating their homes so that they will have greater appeal for use as a location. A house that is already furnished with the paraphernalia of the 1970s saves on the props budget. 

Cookery Shows

Many cookery shows are filmed in a single studio (or tent), but there is a class of show where celebrity chefs travel around the country exploring local ingredients and recipes. These kinds of show often need a large kitchen: preferably one with a gas hob plumbed into a kitchen island – so that the chefs can add ingredients and face the camera at the same time.

Increase your Chances

A lot of people would understandably hate the idea of having camera operators and celebrity chefs traipsing in and out of their homes all day. Nevertheless, others are perfectly happy to take the money. Signing up to a locations library doesn’t mean necessarily that your home will be picked, but having a unique feature (such as a hand-built kitchen) will increase your chances.

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