Detailed Scribing on a Problematic Kitchen Worktop Upstand

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Working to design and install bespoke kitchens can throw up all sorts of interesting problems. However, our team of carpenters are always up for the challenge. We can use our joinery and scribing skills to square up the most of awkward of corners. Check out the curves and ledges that we had to deal with when installing this problematic upstand for a timber worktop.

Detailed craftsmanship on a problematic upstand

Upstands Explained

An upstand is the bit at the back of a kitchen work surface that stands perpendicular to the worktop itself to protect the wall from splashes. Upstands are often made from the same material as the worktop to give an elegant look of continuity to the kitchen. In this instance, the timber upstand had to be bent around a corner and go up and over a window ledge to provide a clean line that ran parallel with the height of the worktop.

Achieving the Perfect Fit

3 steps to a perfect fit

The technique used to fit counters, cupboards and upstands to awkward corners is called scribing. The precise shape of the irregularities – in this example, an ancient kitchen wall full of lumps and bumps – is marked on the piece of wood. Our talented joiner, Garry Woods, can then cut, file and sand the timber to the exact shape needed.

Period Houses

We work in a lot of cottages and older houses that have period beams and walls that vary considerably from the straight and narrow. The advantages of ordering a bespoke kitchen for houses like this are obvious. Not only are they more attractive, they are also more hygienic: we can make sure that everything is fitted properly and that there are no gaps where grime and dirt can begin to build up. 

If you are looking for a bespoke kitchen solution, then contact Bear and Woods. We use traditional woodworking techniques that have stood the test of time. To request a kitchen design consultation, simply fill out our online form. Or, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 01603 905145.

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