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Everhot: A Premium Oven for your Bespoke Kitchen

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Sometimes, in the course of designing a bespoke kitchen, our customers will ask our advice on what oven they should install. If they are in the market for a premium heat storage range, they will often be weighing up the differences between the brand leaders: Aga and Rayburn. Both these brands have a respectable heritage and produce quality ranges, but we think that Gloucestershire oven manufacturers Everhot have the best product. Here’s why.

A Premium Design

We have to confess that we hadn’t seen or heard of the Everhot a couple of years ago. We fitted two in quick succession and were very impressed with the premium design quality. Word is obviously spreading that this UK manufactured range works well in any kitchen – especially as their convection heating hob means that you don’t need a gas supply. 

An Energy Efficient Solution

The first Everhot oven was designed and built in a Gloucestershire watermill. The electricity was provided by the water passing beneath the mill and the owner wanted an oven that could cook his food and heat his kitchen but that had low energy requirements. His energy efficient solution was the first Everhot oven – designed and built in the 1980s and still used every day.

The Everhot works by trickle feeding small amounts of electric power – making it extremely efficient compared to its resource-guzzling rivals.

A Slimline City Option

You don’t have to have an enormous country kitchen to justify having a range. The Everhot 60 is designed to fit the 600mm gap that is standard in smaller kitchens in city properties.

Cooking with an Everhot

If there is one complaint that we hear about ranges – it is that the ovens quickly lose heat when the lid of the hob is lifted. The Everhot does not suffer from this problem. It is a modern oven with a grill and convection plates, so you can do things like stir-fry that are near impossible on an Aga. The Everhot combines the robust design and classic looks of the traditional range with the facilities needed by the contemporary cook.

We recommend the Everhot oven because we feel as a brand it sits very nicely with our own. Like us, they have a traditional approach to manufacturing and roots in their local community – all the parts for their ovens are cast in their Gloucestershire factory a few miles from the Mill where it all started. All of our kitchens are hand built using traditional techniques in our Norfolk workshop.

If you would like more information about our bespoke kitchens, call us on 01603 905145 and we will arrange a convenient time for you to visit our showroom.

Read more about Everhot ovens on their website.

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