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Hand Painted Kitchens: A Traditional Luxury

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When it comes to hand finishing our wooden kitchens, your choice is almost endless. We can bring out the natural colour of the wood with a lacquer, or we can hand paint your kitchen in any colour you like. Hand painted kitchens are a luxury, and one that’s becoming more and more desirable. As anyone who’s attempted to DIY one knows, it’s a skilled job and a good, smooth finish can only be achieved by someone who knows what they’re doing. At Bear and Woods, we do.

Exceptional Quality

Some people think that a hand painted kitchen is of a lower quality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hand painting means every inch is cared for and any imperfections are resolved. Painting a kitchen after installation means the whole piece becomes one; it’s no longer individual items placed together with gaps and visible joints. 

Time Well Spent

Other companies won’t take the time and care to hand paint kitchens. We do. Painting a kitchen after installation can be a tricky job. You need patience, experience and a steady hand, and it simply can’t be rushed. We have an in-depth understanding of the required curing times that are essential for any paint system to work.

Endless Choice

One of the best things about a hand painted kitchen is that it gives you complete choice over colour. Everything we do is bespoke, and this is no exception. We only use one type of paint to hand finish our kitchens – the type we know and trust best. It can be mixed to any colour you imagine, and is available in matt, semi-gloss and gloss. This high-quality paint is free of strong solvents and does not yellow with age, making it the perfect match for your Bear and Woods kitchen.

Seeing and touching a Bear and Woods kitchen is the only way to truly appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it. Book an appointment to visit our showroom and see our hand painted kitchens for yourself.

Visit our Pinterest board to see more examples of our hand painted kitchens.

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