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How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Spacious

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Sometimes, people say they think their kitchen is too small for us to work on – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A bespoke kitchen isn’t necessarily a large kitchen; it’s a kitchen that’s been designed for your home and your lifestyle. This makes a bespoke kitchen a smart choice when you don’t have much room. Recently, we created a stunning Shaker kitchen in a cottage in Mulbarton. Here’s what you can learn about making a small kitchen feel spacious from it.

Make a Small Kitchen Feel Spacious

Let in natural light.

Small windows and low, beamed ceilings meant that this room already felt dark and enclosed. The existing kitchen had cabinets built up across each wall and over the windows, making the problem worse. When we redesigned the kitchen, we made sure the wall cabinets cleared the windows by a good few inches. It might have sacrificed storage space, but it let in light and made the room feel more spacious.

Be clever with storage space.

The secret to making a small kitchen work is getting the most out of every space. In this kitchen, we had to be extra clever. We designed an angled corner unit so the client would get an extra few inches of storage without blocking off the window. We opened up the corner cabinet, so the space could be easily used. We even created a bespoke built-in serving tray so a spare couple of inches wouldn’t get wasted.

Make a Small Kitchen Feel Spacious

Use light, bright colours.

It might seem obvious, but it’s an easy mistake to make. Often, people decide on a colour scheme without considering how it’ll impact the light in the room. Dark or mid-tone colours can really make a space feel smaller, even if you only use them on one wall. Your safest bet is to stick to something light and bright; that’s why this client chose light oak worktops and off-white matte paint for the cabinets.

Keep it simple.

When your kitchen is small, it’s best to keep things simple. Lots of colour, detailing, or pattern can feel busy and fussy – it’s visual clutter you don’t need. The client chose a Shaker kitchen for this reason, but any style of kitchen can work in a small space if you take a minimalistic approach.

One of the best things about a Bear and Woods bespoke kitchen is that we can tailor it completely to your space and your needs. When you have a small kitchen, this is particularly useful. Get in touch with us to find out how we can make a difference to your kitchen. Our design appointments are complementary in 2016; book yours now.

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