Modern apartment kitchen


Why Bear and Woods?

Step into any DIY store and you will be presented with a wide variety of kitchen designs. Whilst there is nothing wrong with opting for one of these kitchens, there is a good chance that you will be sharing the design with dozens of other people across the country. Our client wanted a design that was going to make guests stop and think ‘Wow, that’s different!’. For that reason, he chose a bespoke Bear and Woods kitchen.

The Brief

The brief

On this occasion, we were working with a client who already had a very strong idea of exactly what it was they were looking to achieve. He wanted something that was very simple, clean cut and crisp. He sent us a number of sketches ahead of our initial meeting that included a wall of units on the back wall and a central island of appliances.

The Kitchen Style

The kitchen style

By working with the client, we were able to build our understanding of his aims and the end result didn’t differ too greatly from his original sketches. The modern design may look basic and simple, but it hides a colossal amount of storage and appliances. He was later told by an estate agent that it was the nicest kitchen they had ever seen!

Developing Client Ideas

Developing Our Clients Ideas

Whatever stage you are at with designing your new kitchen, we can help. We work with clients that are just starting out on the design process. For these clients, we are more than happy to spend the time guiding them through the various kitchen styles, looking at different colours and materials for surfaces and cabinets, and recommending those finishing touches that will make their kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Equally there are those clients, such as in the case of this kitchen, who know exactly what they are looking for. For these clients, we spend the time discussing their concept and where necessary check over the practicalities and recommend improvements. Either way, we take the time to ensure that your Bear and Woods kitchen perfectly complements you and your lifestyle.

Wall of Cupboards

Wall of Cupboards

Although the client knew he wanted a wall of cupboards, he was unsure exactly how many or what would fit. He was keen for everything to be flush, so we developed these cupboards with holes and clever door opening mechanisms in place of a traditional handle. Each cupboard is 320mm deep allowing for plenty of storage space and finished in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Off Black’ colour.

Island and Acrylic Worktop

Island and Acrylic Worktop

The aim of the island was to give the appearance of a single, solid unit. The Avonite acrylic worktop is laid atop of the end panels and resin fitted together. We then sanded the joints down and polished them to achieve the look. It is hard to tell from looking at the photos, but this central island houses the built-in oven, ceramic hob, undermount sink, dishwasher and fridge.