Shaker kitchen and utility room


Why Bear and Woods?

The client already had a shaker style kitchen fitted in their home. There was nothing wrong with it and it wasn’t in a bad condition. However, it was a mock version of what they were looking for and the client was keen to swap it with a modern and authentic replacement. Our handmade shaker kitchens are produced using the highest quality materials, so the client was left with a classy, high-end kitchen that also made better use of the space they that had available..

The Brief

The brief

The property was a large detached house in Dereham, Norfolk. The kitchen was one of the largest we have ever converted and included an adjoining utility room. Both were connected to a large dining room. Our brief was to install a modern shaker style kitchen that flowed throughout the kitchen and utility rooms.

The Kitchen Style

The kitchen style

The shaker kitchen we fitted at the property was not too dissimilar to their existing kitchen – it had just needed updating and replicating throughout the utility room. The client settled upon a design which included two-tone kitchen cabinets and modern appliances, such as an American style fridge freezer, were also incorporated.

Maximising Space

Maximising the Space in The Kitchen

Bear and Woods were able to source River White Granite worktops for this project. These were the last three pieces of the worktop in existence as it is no longer being mined in Egypt. The miners discovered a red rust in the stone, so these were the last pieces of worktop to be produced. Our client knows that after them, no one else will have this stone in their home.

This is complemented by an oak breakfast bar, which the client was keen to include in the design. The existing kitchen had felt quite small in comparison to the neighbouring dining area. To create a better balance, we extended the peninsula into the dining room, creating additional kitchen space and bringing the two rooms together. Friends and family can now sit at the breakfast bar and chat whilst our client is cooking, rather than being some way away at the dining table.

Utility Room

Utility Room

The utility room was an important part of the design and the client was keen to ensure that it complemented the main kitchen area. We therefore created a galley kitchen that included the same River White granite worktops and two-tone kitchen cabinets. We also created incorporated further storage space with the addition of an American style fridge freezer and three larder units.

Faux Overmantel

Faux Overmantel

In recent years, faux overmantels have become an increasingly popular design feature in our clients’ kitchens. They are particularly popular in our shaker and country style kitchens, where they can help to add a classic touch to a modern design. In this instance, we were able to incorporate additional storage space into the side panels, but lighting options and extractor fans are other options that can be included.